M.S. Program in Clinical Psychopharmacology

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Recommended Postdoctoral Education and Training Program In Psychopharmacology
This is the manual that APA generated to ensure adequate training in preparation for prescriptive authority. APA has designedated our program curriculum as being in compliance with this curriculum.
Supervised Clinical Experience Guidelines
This is the supervised clinical experience (or practicum) required for completion of the full APA curriculum in preparation for prescriptive authority. This includes information about the optional practicum. Two forms that are particularly important for the supervised clinical experience are also available in Word format if you prefer working with them on the computer:
 The Initial Case Supervisory Session Form
 The Long-Term Case Supervision Form
If you are applying for licensure to prescribe in New Mexico, there is a pre-filled version of the form we must submit upon completion of the practica available here. Please complete this form and submit with your materials upon completion of the practicum.
Current Student Manual
This is the most recent version of the Student Manual. Check the title page to see when it was last updated.
Information about the Qualifying Exam
Information specifically about the qualifying exam to finish the master's degree. Some of this information is also available in the Student Manual.
Information about the PEP exam
This is a link to the APA Practice Organization page where PEP application materials are stored.
This is a link to FDU's webadvisor website. If you haven't previously, you will have to register at the site. To create a webadvisor account, you may need to identify your campus. The M.S. Program is housed at the Teaneck or Metro campus of FDU (it goes by both names).

Reasons for a webadvisor account:
  • Once you create your account, you can access an unofficial copy of your transcript at any time. This version is not acceptable for legal purposes, but is acceptable to the APA College for purposes of the PEP application. It's also free and immediate.
  • When you are nearing completion of the program, you can use webadvisor to submit your application to graduate. You MUST apply to graduate; it does not happen automatically.